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Graduation Requirements

At Maxine Greene High School, students are expected to meet and exceed the minimum graduation requirements. With our programming, students will completely most of their high school requirements within their first three years. During their Junior and Senior years of high school, students will be given the opportunity to focus on AP courses, College Now, and CTE.
Program Highlights:
  1. Our AP courses begin as early as the 10th grade!
  2. Practice Makes Perfect program helps students transition into high school the summer before 9th grade.
  3. Longer classes in math, ELA, and global allows teachers to dive deeper into material and ensures students earn credits and pass state exams. 
  4. Our CTE program prepares students to run their own virtual company. 

Advanced Regents Diploma

Examination Requirements

Students must score 65 or higher on the following nine exams to earn an advanced Regents diploma.

  • English Language Arts (ELA)
  • Three math exams (Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II/Trigonometry)
  • One social studies exam (Global History and Geography or U.S. History and Government)
  • Two science exams (Living Environment and one of these: Chemistry, Earth Science, or Physics)
  • Any additional Regents exam, or another option approved by the State
  • Any NYC Languages Other Than English (LOTE) exam

Credit Requirements

Students need 44 credits in these subject areas to earn an Advanced Regents diploma. This is the same total number of credits as a Regents diploma, but with more courses in a language other than English (LOTE) and fewer elective courses.

  • 8 credits in core English
  • 8 credits in social studies, including:
    • 4 credits in Global History
    • 2 credits in U.S. History
    • 1 credit in Participation in Government
    • 1 credit in Economics
  • 6 credits in math, including:
    • At least 2 credits in advanced math (for example, Geometry or Algebra II)
  • 6 credits in science, including:
    • 2 credits in any life science
    • credits in any physical science
    • 2 credits in any life science or physical science
  • 6 credits in Languages Other Than English (LOTE)
  • 4 credits in physical education, every year in specific ways
  • 1 credit in health education
  • 2 credits in arts education, including visual arts, music, dance, and theater
  • 3 credits in electives

Students only need two Language Other Than English (LOTE) credits if they are earning an arts or CTE endorsement. Some students who have a disability that makes it challenging to learn a language can earn credits in other subjects instead of LOTE.