Over the past three years our school has partnered with an organization called Art and Resistance Through Education (ARTE). ARTE, is an organization that uses art to empower youth to develop creative solutions and bring awareness to local and global human rights issues. The organization fosters leadership opportunities for our students to train and organize other youth to discuss and address important social justice topics.


In 2015 students embarked on their first project with ARTE and completed a meaningful and colorful mural in the streets of East Harlem on Immigration Rights. This was a very meaningful project for our students who connected personally connected to this mural as they were able to have powerful and healing discussions about their own family immigration stories.


The following year, students completed a service learning project on “Women of Color in the Prison System”. Topic about feminism and racism were addressed and depicted in a beautiful and powerful mural located at the Hunter School of Social Work building in East Harlem. The mural was part of a summer exhibition and later brought to Rikers to be hung.


Last year, our students engaged in several discussions and activities surrounding Maxine Greene, our school founder and respected educational philosopher, author, social activist and teacher who valued experiential learning such as these projects. Our students completed a thoughtful and meaningful mural in our very own school in her honor demonstrating how “art changes people and people change the world.”


Most recently, students have begun the Spring 2018 mural honoring important women in our history.